Hello!! You've reached my About page, which means you're curious to know more...and I love that. One of my mantras is 'stay curious' which, let's be honest, curiosity is a huge part of being human, and where would we be without fire, the wheel, and ice cream!? 

My business is Mercedes Arnold Creative, and my game is:

  • Well-written, punchy copy that appeals to your audience
  • Beautiful imagery taken in natural light
  • Aesthetically pleasing and engaging websites fit for a queen but doesn't require selling off the royal jewels to pay for your website

Creative Director

Kindness and compassion over everything else
Having fun is essential
Active listening is key
Deliver projects in a timely manner
Celebrate the big and small wins
Design with a growth mindset

My philosophy

  • Shoveling
  • Large crowds
  • Finding out the ice cream shop is out of my favorite flavor
  • Washing dishes (I'll do it, but I LOVE my dishwasher)


  • Digging my feet into the sand at the water's edge at the beach and feeling the chilled waves glide over them
  • Reading after a long day
  • Cycling, hiking, and running
  • Sliding in fluffy snow with my kids

Heck Yes